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CH. Agape's Precious Jewel

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby! What a fun little dog! Ruby has added a dimension to our life that we never expected! She is a very smart girl with her motto being "Where there's a will... there's a way"!! She was always up for the Show Ring but found jumping up in Mom's arms when a just little bit stressed, to be a good way of handling things. She did keep her feet on the floor long enough to finish her Championship though, and has touched the hearts of many a Judge.

| Ruby's Pedigree |

Just a puppy here....not even a year old. She has an expression that can melt your heart!!


A NEW CHAMPION!! YEAH!!! Not very cooperative for her photo but they still let us keep the Ribbon!


Ruby loves to be outside. A very energetic and athletic little girl.




Did someone say "Go for a walk"??


Ruby tries her luck at Staight Line Racing......


.......and ends up with a Ribbon!! You Go Girl!

Once a show dog.......

Always a show dog!!

Ruby running her little heart out......

Proving that form indeed follows function!

Resting.....but not for long!!


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